It’s Snowing

Experience the wonder of winter and snow in this charming story of firsts. The tale is about Mama and Baby. Baby is sleeping and Mama is content when she looks outside and sees that it’s beginning to snow. She bundles up Baby and they go outside to experience the magic of snow. Mama makes sure that Baby experiences the snow with all his senses. They play and marvel as the snow coats the land. Once they’re done, they go back into the warmth of home and bundle up. It’s Snowing is the delightful tale of a baby’s first experience with snow. It’s told through soft, comforting prose that draws both reader and listener in while they anticipate the next line. The pictures are dramatic and expressive, creating the setting for this compelling tale. It’s a wonderful bedtime story that will get your child’s imagination working and have them hoping for a similar experience. What child isn’t thrilled to wake up to find that it’s snowing outside? Olivier Dunrea is the author of several critically acclaimed picture books. His attention to detail and ability to tell a story make his books a favorite for sharing a quiet moment with a child. Dunrea is also the illustrator of this book. The rustic feel and old world charm add to the drama and intrigue of the story. It has a magical and medieval quality to it that takes the reader to another time and place. It’s Snowing will not only get your child excited for winter, but it will take you back to

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your first experiences with snow. You’ll be reminded of the excitement and joy you felt when you experienced snow for the first time. Simple things become new again when seen through the eyes of children. Whether you’re anticipating the winter or imagining a world very different from your own, this story will show you a mother’s love as she shares a new experience with her child. The underlying message is all about a mother’s love. One of the best things about being a parent is showing your child new things. The opportunity to share the things you love and give them a similar experience is priceless.

It’s Snowing

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