In Our Mother’s House

Always seeking to bring cialis canadian pharmacy children unique

ideas, stories, and themes that other books do not often deal with, Patricia Polacco adds to that with In Our Mother’s House. Her goal of showing children diversity and acceptance comes across well with her fun

illustrations and detailed story. Marmee and Meema have their own little house and three children to love. They are just like any other family. The only difference is that Marmee and Meema are both women and all their children are adopted. Their family is a very diverse one, but it is filled with love and joy. Though the neighbors around them accept them just as they are, there is one who does not approve of them. Marmee and Meema teach their children that it does not matter – just because something different does not have to mean that it is wrong. As long as they love each other and grow up knowing what is right, that is what is important. The story not only deals with handling people who do not accept others, but it goes through the entire lives of the characters. Marmee and Meema’s children grow up and have children of their own. Eventually the two moms pass away, but what is left is all the love that the family shared in their little house. This children’s book contains a touching story brought to life by Polacco’s lively illustrations. The children are all different in the book, from African American to Asian American to the adorable baby with fiery red hair. While the book includes a lesson on diversity, more so it focuses on the theme of love, something that any adult or child can get behind. Polacco shows in a gentle way how the types of families in America are changing. Published in April of 2009, it is a recent addition to Polacco’s many titles. A great book for children ages 6 and up, parents and teachers alike should be able to see the book’s benefit to kids and everyone can appreciate Polacco’s heartwarming story where everyone has a good life and lives happily ever after.

In Our Mother’s House

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