I’m Getting a Checkup

Kids are often nervous when they have to go to the doctor’s for a checkup. It’s a strange place, full of strange people, strange smells, and strange instruments. So author Marilyn Singer and illustrator David Milgrim have taken that very concept and transformed it into a book that can help put children at ease before they visit the doctor’s office.

I’m Getting a Checkup takes children through the various experiences they might have while in the doctor’s office. Marilyn Singer uses a combination of rhyme and clear explanations to let kids know what certain objects are, what doctors plan to do with them, and why they are necessary. While the narrative rambles along, boldface type gives readers extra information about various things. From blood pressure cuffs to booster shots to stethoscopes, everything gets a little page time, hopefully making the idea of a doctor visit that much less scary.

In fact, children will enjoy the fun rhymes as they read and learn. Lines like, “Her otoscope’s so cool- / a small light with a funnel. / We pretend she’s searching / for bats down in a tunnel!” make the idea of a doctor’s visit more fun as it becomes infused with imagination. Three different children and their parents are featured in the book, and each child does something different with his or her doctor.

There is plenty to be learned here, and I’m Getting a Checkup is a great method of showing children that the doctor’s isn’t a place to be worried about. Illustrations are simple, complete with smiles all around from doctor to parent to child, though kids may thoroughly enjoy one humorous element—a troupe of rabbits! The rabbits linger around in each office doing all sorts of goofy things like making shadow puppets or peeking over hospital beds.

Children’s books like I’m Getting a Checkup are good for letting uncertain kids know that everything is okay, as well as helping them to relax. Great for children ages 3-6, parents might even consider bringing this book with for a real time reading during a checkup!

I’m Getting a Checkup


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