I’m a Big Sister

Bringing a new baby into your home is a big transition. If you have an older child, then the changes can be even tougher. There are many ways to begin to explain to them what’s ahead, and you’ll more than likely need all the help you can get. Books are a great way to help explain what they’re in for. Since kids are so visual, having pictures to look at while you explain concepts can go a long way in getting your point across. It will help your child feel better about the new baby.

I’m a Big Sister is a tool that can help. It’s the story of a girl who has just gotten a baby sister. The book explains the responsibilities and fun that come with being an older sibling. It shows what’s ahead when it comes to feeding, bathing, and playing with the baby. The core of the book is from the perspective of a girl and her baby sister.

I’m a Big Sister is a great way to prepare your child. She’ll learn self-confidence and responsibility. Having a new baby around can make your older child feel like a second-class citizen. If you give her lots of support, you can turn that into excitement and pride. This book can help.

Author Joanna Cole has written a variety of children’s books about milestones as well as other entertaining stories. She has a way of explaining the steps in a child’s life in a manner that’s easy to follow by and helpful to kids. Not only does I’m a Big Sister help kids understand the changes ahead, but it gives adults tips on how to manage the transition as well.

This book has an identical counterpart that gives the male perspective. The situations are the same, but it’s about being a big brother. It’s more geared toward the lives of boys and focuses on traditionally boy-related play.

This is a great book for any family that’s about to add a baby. Give it as a gift to a little girl to get her off on the right foot with her baby sister.

I’m a Big Sister


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