If You Take a Mouse to the Movies

Children love to go to the movies. They love the popcorn, they love being able to sit in the chair and to watch a movie on the big screen, and they love spending special time with their family members there. But did you know that mice love movies? Well, one mouse does anyway. Only this mouse is a bit different. He is a little exuberant and when you bring him to the movies in If You Take a Mouse to the Movies, things start to get a little strange.

What’s the first thing that you want when you go to the movies? Author Laura Numeroff and Illustrator Felicia Bond reminds us that the most important thing at the movies is to have some popcorn, and that’s exactly what this little mouse wants. But when he gets the popcorn, it reminds him of something else that you can use popcorn for – decorating a tree! And if you are going to decorate a tree in the snow, you might as well build a snow mouse! The tale goes on and on as this mouse shows children, in a fun way, that everything has an impact on everything else in the world.

Numeroff and Bond are well-known for their childrens books, but most especially for their “If You Give A…” books, where fun creatures find that one thing leads to another which leads to another for over thirty pages! In this tale they’ve brought back their first creation – the mouse – and have him going to the movies for his first ever holiday adventure.

If You Take a Mouse to the Movies is a perfect book for the holiday season, because it is lighthearted and it is different than all of the other holiday tales that you can read. This one can also be read when it’s not the holiday time, as its fun and engaging for the whole family! If You Take a Mouse to the Movies is exactly what you’d expect from these two well-known authors – fun, silly, and something that the whole family will enjoy.

If You Take a Mouse to the Movies


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