If You Take a Mouse to School

Every child thinks about taking their pet to school at least once, but most of the time, parents keep them from doing that. Can you imagine what would happen if your son or daughter were able to bring their dog to school? You’d likely have to deal wi

th a huge amount of complaints from the teacher due to the mess that the dog would leave, and the child would be unable to focus the entire day. That’s pretty much what happens when a young child brings a mouse to school.

If You Take a Mouse to School, written by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond is a story all about a cute little rodent that gets taken to school by his human friend. This little one, though, has had adventures before. Once he was given a cookie, and another time he was taken to the movies! Now he is out to get an education as he gets taken to school. But as with all of the other enjoyable tales featuring this mouse, things don’t go quite as the child had planned.

First the little guy decides that, if he’s going to school, he needs a lunchbox. And then a sandwich, and then a snack, of course! And he’ll want to spell a word or two on the blackboard and build a mouse house out of blocks. Things start to spin crazily out of control, as they generally do when this

little guy is involved.

One of the things that makes these tales so beloved is the sequence of events which occurs. For instance children learned in the very first book that when you have a cookie, of course you want milk, and that is exactly what happens with the mouse. This time they learn all about the sequence of events which can occur when you’re headed to school! If you’re looking for a children’s book that is enjoyable for both parents and children to read, these stories written by Numeroff and Bond are tales that will keep the entire family in stitches for a very long time.

If You Take a Mouse to School


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