If You Give a Pig a Party

Who could ever imagine a pig being at a party? Two well-known authors of stories written for children could, and did! The tale of If You Give a Pig a Party is a story that is all about fun, silliness, and yet, in the end, is a great way for children and adults to bond together over a tale that is fun and engaging, even for the older crowd!

Parents who have children who enjoy the “If You Give A…” picture books will immediately recognize the pig on the cover of this story. This tale features the same swine that is in the first book, If You Give A Pig A Pancake. Back then, though, the title character only wanted a pancake. Now, however, he’s having a celebration! And what do you get when you have a party? Of course you get a cake, and balloons, and tons of party friends.

That is one of the most engaging parts of this tale – the fact that all of the characters from the previous “If You Give A…” books are included. On one page all of the other characters, including the mouse and

the moose, appear and play hide and seek. Children can have a very fun time looking at the page and trying to find where all of the animals are hiding! But before this fun part can happen, friends need to be found and invited, and then balloons have to be blown up, and a fort even has to be decorated! Whew, it’s so much work to throw a party, especially when you’re this pink roly-poly!

If You Give a Pig a Party is ideal for children who are between the ages of 4 and 8, but children who are 2 or 3 who love to listen to stories will also enjoy listening to the hilarity that ensues when you try to create a party for a very specific pig, and they’ll also enjoy all of the illustrations that they’ll find on the pages as well, as they’re perfectly created to keep the attention of children of all ages!

If You Give a Pig a Party


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