If I Ran the Circus

When young Little Morris McGurk goes to the circus, he sees things not as they are, but what he could transform them into. As with any great book, If I Ran the Circus uses imagination and tons of fun to show how things could be when a child gets to take over, and how often what they believe to be something simple to change isn’t quite as simple as they thought it was.

The story of If I Ran the Circus is all about Morris McGurk, who decides that he could transform the vacant lot behind Sneelock’s Store into something spectacular. He would bring in marvelous sights, including a fluff-muffled Truffle, a trapeze troupe, a lemonade dispenser, and much more. He, and the amazing Dr. Seuss, king of childrens books, brings to live the way a circus could be in the vacant lot, but also teaches children quite a bit of a lesson as well.

For Morris McGurk learns a lesson, all right, about how many bad things can happen when you run a circus! And poor old Sneelock becomes the source of many a catastrophe, as does Morris McGurk himself. This wonderful story is all about how imagination can take you anywhere you want to go, and while If I Ran the Circus isn’t regarded by everyone as Dr. Seuss’s best work, it is much loved and constantly re-read by children of all ages, from those who are very young, to those who have children of their own!

If I Ran the Circus

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