If Dogs Were Dinosaurs

If Dogs Were Dinosaurs is not your typical dinosaur book. This explores the idea of proportion and size for young children, proposing ‘what-if’ type questions to help children understand how things might be different if one little thing were different. For example, If Dogs Were Dinosaurs their dinner would be very large; as the book says, it would fill a child’s bedroom!

Most dinosaur childrens books stick with the idea of dinosaurs, and while this one has one on the cover with a dog leash around his neck, the idea of a dino as a dog is about the extent of the mention of dinosaurs for this purpose. In any rate, it may someday be a classic for kids from the ages of 3 to 8 years old.

Parents who are looking for books related to these large prehistoric reptiles more intensely might be better served to look for another book. Those children who would be delighted with a book merely because it mentions dinosaurs are bound to love this fantastic tale of what might be different if something in life were not quite the same. Brilliantly colored pictures help children to stay engaged and learn something along the way.

This is a great book for kids of all ages, those who like to be read to as well as those who are attempting to read books for the first time on their own. If Dogs Were Dinosaurs is written by David M. Schwartz and may have a permanent place in your child’s library before too much time has passed.

if dogs were dinosaurs


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