I Was So Mad

Mercer Mayer has written dozens of children’s books, all of them treats for the eyes and ears, readers and listeners alike. Little Critter is a character that is so cute people can’t help but fall in love with him, even on some of his worst days! Mercer Mayer always knows how to sneak in a little life lesson into the stories, and even if kids don’t see it, they will have plenty of fun just being with mom and dad, reading their favorite books.

When Little Critter wants to do something, sometimes his parents say no. Today, it seems as though his parents are saying no to everything he wants to do. He wants to keep frogs in the bathtub, but they won’t hear of it. Maybe he will be helpful and help them

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paint the house. Once again, mom and dad tell him he can’t. With every “No” that Little Critter hears, he just gets madder and madder. Finally, he decides that he is just angry at the entire world! And when you are angry at the world, there is only one thing to do – run away!

So Little Critter makes up his mind. He will run away, then he can do whatever he likes. Except when a few of his friends come over and ask if he wants to play baseball with them, he reconsiders. Maybe he won’t run away today. After all, there are plenty of other days when he can run away if he gets so mad again.

I Was So Mad is a funny book that also easily relates to kids who find themselves in similar situations. With simple text and pictures that will have kids snickering the entire way through, it makes for a great read for kids in preschool and learning to deal with anger. Mercer Mayer’s illustrations only highlight the amusement of I Was So Mad; even adults will find themselves smiling at Little Critter’s disgruntled looks. It’s hard not to when he stands there with frogs all around him, sitting on his head and completely happy and oblivious.

I Was So Mad is a title that can easily become a favorite; don’t forget to find the mouse and spider!

I Was So Mad

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