I, Trixie, Who is Dog

Readers must be dreaming. A dog? Zooming by in a red convertible car? Adults might do a double-take. Dean Koontz? Writing a children’s book? There have been some strange happenings in the world today, but this is actually quite a normal occurrence in the world of young readers. One simply never knows who might write a book and what it might be about. In this case, it’s a driving dog.

At least, almost. I, Trixie, Who is Dog is actually based (at least, sort of) on Koontz’s very own golden retriever, Trixie. Most adults that read Koontz are well aware of the many pictures in the back of his novels that feature not only him, but his beloved dog as well. Now Koontz can give his faithful friend her own book.

She loves being a dog. It’s the best life ever. Everything from the belly rubs to the delicious treats makes the life of the dog the very best thing. While some have to be people and others have to be cats, she’s happy that she’s gotten this life. Except for one teeny, tiny detail. She wishes she could drive. If she knew how to drive, her doggie life would be absolutely perfect!

The book is meant for younger children, and Koontz uses uneven rhyme for a bit of fun to explain how wonderful it is to be a pooch. Some words may be a bit difficult for some young readers though, and will need explaining on the part of the parent, such as “caterwauling” and “catapulting.” The rhymes aren’t quite exact which may throw off a few readers, though overall it’s a funny idea and because it is Trixie doing the narration it may very well be the reason for such wacky word choice. The title speaks for itself. A quick read through with the kids before purchasing might be in order.

If anything, illustrator Janet Cleland paints up some truly fun and smile-inducing pictures of a dog having the time of her life, tongue sticking out and ears flying in the wind. The watercolors are bright and are enough to make anyone giggle.

I, Trixie, Who is Dog


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