I Love You More Than Rainbows

How do you explain the concept of love to a child? It’s a complex feeling that is shown more through actions than words. I Love You More Than Rainbows is a touching story that compares things we see in nature with how we feel about them and other people. This book is a Mom’s Choice Award recipient for its family friendly content.

The story is told in a catchy rhyme which is easy to understand. It’s a sweet tale that teaches kids about love. It’s meant for pre-schoolers and young readers. It’s a story that you can read to your baby now, and one day, he or she can read to you. This children’s book is a winner.

This is the first book by author Susan Crites. She became a writer after overcoming a life-changing surgery that left her brain partially damaged. The writing was her creative outlet. Her success with this book has allowed her to start a

foundation that donates the book to the children of soldiers who are overseas and to the children of fallen police and firefighters. Her goal is to remind children how much they are loved even though their loved one is far away or maybe even not coming back. It’s an important charity that was born out of love. With just one book, she has managed to make a big impact. She turned what could have been a tragedy into a gift for others.

The story is illustrated by the husband and wife team of Mark and Rosemary Jarman. The vibrant pictures and sweet-faced children help tell the story and bring the characters to life in a way that is relatable to even the youngest readers.

This is a choice that’s bound to become a classic. Everyone loves to hear the words “I love you.” This book tells the story of a parent’s love for a child and, ultimately, God’s love for all of us. It’s told through joy and happiness and will convey the meaning of love. This could be a great book for a Sunday school teacher to share with their class or for anyone that wants to teach love.

I Love You More Than Rainbows

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