I Just Forgot

For over a decade, Mercer Mayer has delivered viagr a pfizer his Little Critter series into the hands of young children everywhere. The cuddly little critter creature is well-known among children, and it is always a delight to find out what he has gotten into, whe

ther it is with friends, family, or on his own. Mayer has plenty of stories to tell, and his lovable Little Critter has a good time in each and every one of them.

I Just Forgot stars Little Critter once again, and this time, he seems to be having trouble remembering

things. When it’s raining outside, he remembers his raincoat, but forgets all about his boots. He hops into the bathtub and completely forgets to use the soap. He remembers to put his dishes into the sink when he’s done with breakfast, but forgets to put the milk back into the refrigerator. When he

goes to school, he has everything – except his lunch. It’s tough having so many things to remember as just a Little Critter. Sometimes his forgetfulness gets him into a bit of trouble with mom and dad too. But they still understand that it’s hard being little and remembering so many things. In the end, there are a few things he always

manages to remember, like giving Mom a kiss goodnight.

I Just Forgot is a cute tale that both kids and adults will be able to relate to. Sometimes kids tend to forget things just like Little Critter, and parents are all too aware of it. It can be a gentle reminder that sometimes mistakes happen, but no matter what, moms and dads love their little ones (even if they forgot to turn off the faucet and flooded the kitchen!).

Mercer Mayer illustrates his Little Critter series himself, using bright watercolors to for chipper picture books that are sure to draw smiles from readers. Each picture contains an extra bit of fun when kids try to find the little mouse and spider that always hang out with Little Critter. It’s giggles and understanding all the way with this book, and it’s a great read for ages 3 to 6.

I Just Forgot

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