I Have to Go

With a title like I Have to Go, readers have a pretty good idea of what this book will be about. It’s the topic everyone parent has had to deal with and kids find especially hilarious.

In I Have to Go, little Andrew is constantly being asked, “Do you have to go pee?” And his answer of course is always, “No, no, no, no, no.” The parents take Andrew on a road trip to see his grandparents. Beforehand, mom has been careful to ask Andrew if he has to pee. Of course the answer is a hearty, “No!” Once he is zipped and tucked snugly into his snow suit and his seatbelt, Andrew realizes that he has to go. Comical scenes show the good-natured, if tired, parents rushing Andrew back inside.

The culmination of the story finds parents and grandparents waiting with baited breath to see if Andrew, who has gone to bed, will call out that he has to pee. In a comical twist, Andrew calls out , “Grandpa, do you have to pee?” This helps make the story funnier and one that is sure to make children smile.

I Have to Go will be especially humorous to children who are in the process of being toilet trained. Their parents will find it a refreshing bit of humor at a difficult stage in parenting. It’s not always easy for parents to know what tack to take so that children will understand about the necessity of going to the bathroom when they have the opportunity. Books such as this one strive to help both children and parents find a common ground of understanding that can be useful in finding a solution to the situation.

As with all of Munsch’s children’s books, this book takes a topic that is relevant to children and makes it silly and fun to read. Younger children will love having this book read to them. Older readers will feel a sense of accomplishment as they read it themselves. Everyone will enjoy the bright, lively illustrations by Michael Martchenko that tell even more of the story without words.

I Have to Go


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