I Always, ALWAYS Get My Way

If you have spent any amount of time with a three year old you have experienced first- hand that their behavior can be unpredictable or even unpleasant at times. A few very smart little girls and boys may even know how to get around the consequences of their bad behavior with a few well placed tears, tantrums or pouts. But no matter what you have experienced before, you have never met a little girl like Emmy.

I Always, ALWAYS Get My Way introduces the reader to three year old Emmy. Emmy is a precocious little girl who has discovered that she can always get her way. After skipping out on the consequences of her bad behavior because of her young age, Emmy decides she can behave however she wants. As Emmy’s behavior gets worse so does her pouting and tantrums. Soon she is a little girl out of control.

Kids will love to see Emmy get away with so many misdeeds. They will laugh as she gets her Dad, brother and sister into trouble for things that she did. They will be left wondering if her behavior will ever catch up with her. Curiosity will keep them enthusiastically reading to find out Emmy’s fate.

Parents might think that a story about a misbehaving child would be less than entertaining. However, the author, Thad Kranesky, uses delightful rhyming text to bring humor to the story that leaves the readers laughing at Emmy’s shenanigans.

The book is illustrated in ink and watercolor drawings. The cover art depicts the many facial expressions of little Emmy. The illustrator, David Parkins masterfully conveys Emmy’s many emotions through his drawings.

You may begin to feel Emmy is a little girl that is too smart for her own good. In the end she does have to face the consequences of her behavior but not before a few giggles are shared by all. Whether you love her or hate her Emmy is a fairly typical three years old girl. As a children’s book it does teach an important lesson: bad behavior comes with consequences. Children, parents and caregivers will enjoy sharing this book together.

I Always, ALWAYS Get My Way


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