Hunwick’s Egg

The name Mem Fox is a name that is well-known to most parents who have children because she has made a name for herself, in the last fifteen years, as a great author of childrens books. She creates stories that are delightfully bright and vibrant and that both children and their parents can enjoy to read together, helping to instill a love of reading at even a very early age. Sometimes her stories are ones that are just silly or sweet, and other times they are tales that truly convey a message, as with the tale of one little bandicoot and an egg. In Hunwick’s Egg, a little bandicoot named Hunwick finds an egg after a storm. He questions all of his neighbors, including the Emu, the Cockatoo, and the Echidna in order to see if they know who the parent of the egg is. None of them do, so he takes it to his home and gets it a

comfy and cozy home with him. As time passes the egg doesn’t hatch, but it does become his friend and confidante, and he loves the egg with all of his heart. His friends, however, begin to worry about him, as they believe that the egg will never hatch. But the title character knows something that his friends do not know – that the egg is really a perfectly shaped stone, and that even though it will never hatch, he loves it with all of his heart. The tale of Hunwick’s Egg is a bit offbeat and isn’t what you would normally think to find in the children’s section of the book store, but it is a heartwarming story anyway. Children learn that loyalty is a wonderful thing, and that friendship is as well. They can also learn about some of the exotic animals that they will see in the book, which brings a wonderful educational opportunity for parents and children to learn a bit more about the animals that you can find in Australia.

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Hunwick’s Egg is a tale that is perfect for children in grades one to three and that can be enjoyed by parents as well as children.

Hunwick’s Egg

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