How Do Lions Say I Love You?

Even animals show one another affection and How Do Lions Say I Love You? is a book that will show young kids all the different ways that animals and their little ones show their love.

It is a simple board book of only 14 pages, each one showing a different animal and addressing how those animals say “I love you” to their babies. The cover has a lion and a cub gently rubbing heads, and the adorable style doesn’t stop there. Inside, bears give little kisses on muzzles, a mother cow gives her little calf a lick and a warm cuddle, and more animals throughout the book are ready to show their love to little readers.

Diane Muldrow delivers the story in short rhymes that are easy to understand and enjoyable for readers with their cute couplets such as “muzzle” and “nuzzle.” Muldrow is no stranger to working on childrens books, and has done others that infants and preschool kids enjoy, such as Mama, Where Are You? and Somewhere So Sleepy. The simple style and stories are the types that all kids can get behind.

David Walker gives this story life with his colorful and loving illustrations that echo all the words that Muldrow puts forth. The lions on the cover say it all with their happy smiles and swinging tails. It’s an uncomplicated design that children will easily recognize and grow to love. Soft pastels cover this book from front to back, making it easy on little eyes and little hearts.

How Do Lions Say I Love You? is a book that goes great in any child’s room or even in a preschool room for story time or just for kids to try and read on their own. It’s also ideal for a baby shower gift that new moms can read to their kids. At the end of reading How Do Lions Say I Love You? parents can always show their little ones all the ways that they love them, from hugs to kisses on the nose to even a good tickle session. Ask your child what ways they can show that they love you.

How Do Lions Say I Love You?


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