How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs?

Jane Yolen has brought dinosaurs back to life in so many of her dinosaur children’s books. The series is long running with many different situations for these large creatures to get into, from going to school to going to bed. It may be hard to imagine a dinosaur cuddling up next to a dog, but Yolen figures if dinos are going to school and hopping into kid-sized bed (though most beds are kid-sized to a dinosaur!), then they might as well learn to take care of a dog.

How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs? focuses all on dinos and their canine friends. Dinosaurs have to learn just as humans do that there is a lot to learn when it comes to taking care of a dog. Tyrannosaurs and other big would-be scary prehistoric creatures do some of the same things that children may find themselves doing if they own a dog. From taking doggy on walks to training it, from feeding it to playing with it, a dog takes up a lot of time and attention. The dinosaurs learn fast and it is very possible that youngsters reading the book will learn fast too.

How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs? is a good choice for families who either own dogs or seek to obtain a dog in the future. Yolen’s story is straightforward and explains through the silliness of dinosaurs how to take care of a dog. Dinosaurs learn how to be patient and gentle with their best buddies, something that kids can easily be encouraged on when it comes to dogs and even small animals in general.

Adding to the wacky fun that is How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs? is Mark Teague’s illustrations. Dinosaurs often do what they are supposed to, but sometimes they get into trouble too. It’s great fun seeing a huge yellow-spotted dino hugging a happy puppy, and the book is sure to draw more than a few smiles and giggles are parents read. Set for release in 2010 anyone looking to add to their dinosaur book collection should be on the lookout for this surefire favorite.

How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs?


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