Hop! Plop!

Have you ever gone to the playground and had the experience not be what you expected it to be? That’s what Hop! Plop! is all about. One of the great things about books written by Olivier Dunrea is that they teach a great lesson about how to be a friend. His popular Gertie and Goosie books are become loved due to their simple style and the friendship that endures between all of the goslings. Now, however, Dunrea has decided to expand beyond goslings into the world where and elephant and a mouse head to the playground together.

hop plop

Only in childrens books would you see an elephant and a mouse playing together at the playground, and in Hop! Plop!, that’s exactly what you see. The elephant and the mouse head to the playground expecting to have a fun day of fun, only to discover that they have a hard time paying together. When the elephant tries to sit on the seesaw with the mouse, the mouse goes flying. When the mouse jumps on the swing, it goes all the way to the top and wraps around it, while the elephants swing simply breaks.

Hop! Plop! is full of fun sounds and action words and the pictures are drawn in pen and ink with gouache, making for a very stylistic and beautiful picture. The story itself shows that it’s possible for two different kinds of friends to have fun together and to overcome challenges, no matter how large those challenges may seem!

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