Henry in Love

Schoolyard crushes are sweet and innocent. To see the inklings of love through the eyes of a young child is heartwarming. When a child starts preschool, they will undoubtedly discover a special person that they want to spend all their time with. Henry in Love is one such tale.

It’s the story of a cat named Henry and a bunny named Chloe who have a crush on each other. The story follows them through their day at school and all the things they do to impress each other. Chloe proves to be quite the flirt and uses her charm to lure Henry’s anticipated blueberry muffin away. The precious opening scene of the book featuring Henry lying in his bed sets the tone for his day and instantly makes the reader fall in love with him.

Henry in Love is a cute story that will bring your childhood rushing back as you read it to your little one. It’s written with all the details of scenarios that you’d expect from such a story. From their playground antics to the emotions of the characters, the tale rings true. What a wonderful story to share with your child. It will help them understand their own feelings and the experiences they are having at school. Henry will make sense to them, and they’ll understand his feelings.

Henry in Love is written and illustrated by Peter Mccarty. Mccarty draws the pictures in a way that expresses all the feelings and delicate features of young Henry and Chloe. Mccarty’s ability to create children’s books that speak to kids is the reason that he is an award-winning author and artist. This simple tale with its beautiful art strikes a chord with anyone who reads it.

Henry in Love is a book that every child should have the opportunity to experience. The endearing quality of the characters will have you rooting for them and wanting more. Share this book with your children or give it as a gift to a teacher. It’s the perfect classroom book because it will encourage conversations about friendship and love.

Henry in Love

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