Hello Baby!

If you go to the library to look for a children’s book, you’ll likely run across the name Mem Fox. Mem Fox is an author of literature written for children who has helped children not viagra canadian pharmacy only to learn to enjoy reading, but she has also introduced them to the land of Australia, as she comes from the grand land down under. If you start to look at all of the literature written by Fox, you’ll notice that there are many tales written that are for older children and that help to teach them lessons about life or about the world around them.

Hello Baby! is a tale written by Fox that is designed for a younger crowd. This story is one that can be read to children of all ages, from when they are very young to when they are learning to read for themselves. This simple story is about trying to figure out what type f baby you are. Fox goes through a variety of animals, from leopards to owls to warthogs, remarking on something about each one. The tale is filled with alliteration and with gently rhyming words that create a fun tale for children of all ages to enjoy.

One of the things that sets this book apart from many of Fox’s other tales is the illustrations. The illustrations are created to look like paper cut outs, which makes them almost have a 3D appearance, and which definitely gives them the look of fine art. The elephant, for instance, looks like it actually has the texture of an elephant, and the owl’s feathers look like they could be touched and felt, even though they cannot be.

This tale is ideal for young children as a book for bedtime, as it is gentle and, read slowly, would be the perfect tale to help a youngster drift off to sleep. And it is also a great story for children who are just learning how to read, with simplistic words and yet with enough of a challenge to truly help them to learn how to read words.

Hello Baby!


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