Heckedy Peg

Once kids have read a book by Audrey Wood, it is hard to forget it. In fact, many kids return for more, eager to read her other amusing stories and gaze at the gorgeous illustrations put forth by Don Wood. The details and stories together are enchanting, so be ready to read them over and over.

Heckedy Peg is a fairy tale brought to life by Audrey and Don Wood. It is named after the old witch who manages to get into a house full of children and do a bit of mischief.

These children are all named after days of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. One mother with seven children; it makes for quite a handful. But her kids are good and do what their mother asks. She’s very happy with all of them. One day she has to go to the market, and tells them not to open the door for anyone. They agree and mother heads off, promising to buy each of them a little present. But it isn’t long when an old witch comes by and manages to convince the children to open the door and let her in. She wrecks havoc by turning all the kids into food!

When the mother returns, she is dismayed by what has happened. The only way her children will be returned to their original form is for her to figure out which child is which. Who has been turned into roast rib? Who has been turned into bread? By matching up each food to the items the child has asked for, mother is able to get them all back to their regular selves and saves the day.

A delightful children’s book, kids will marvel at the beautiful paintings by Don Wood. The detail and color are amazing, with some pictures looking as though they ought to be framed and hung on the walls. Even the cottage looks like it is in a world completely different from our own, an adorable thatched roof style nestled among rolling hills. Kids ages 4 to 8 will lose themselves in this wonderful tale.

Heckedy Peg


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