Hattie and the Fox

Mem Fox has been creating high quality children’s literature for a very long time. This Australian author decided that literature was very important to her, and that teaching children how to read and to enjoy literature was going to become her new mission. She has managed to bring a love of literature to children all around the world with her endearing stories and her picture books. There are many selections that you can choose from when it comes to Mem Fox’s literature, but one book that many people love is all about a hen.

Hattie and the Fox tells the story of Hattie, a large black hen. One day she looks up and realizes that she sees a nose in the bushes around her. She tells the other animals and they totally ignore her. She then notices that

there are now two eyes that have joined the nose in the bushes! Once again she tells the other animals what she sees, but they again ignore her, and some of the animals think that she’s making too much out of nothing. Then she sees two ears, and again nobody is paying attention to what she’s saying. Then she sees a body, four legs, and a tail!

Finally the other animals realize that Hattie is actually seeing something, and it is a fox! They start to panic until the cow scares the fox away with a very loud sound. After, all of the animals stand around, so surprised that Hattie really was seeing something that they have nothing to say.

Hattie and the Fox is a great read aloud book that has a similar lesson as many other classic tales. This time the lesson is that you need to listen to what other people are saying, because you never know when they might be telling you something that is true. This tale is also a great one to help children to learn how to read due to the repetition that you will find in this tale, making it perfect for not only the preschool set, but also for older children.

Hattie and the Fox


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  1. Eileen Stokes says:

    I bought this book for my daughter when she was a toddler and she absolutely loved it! She still remembers what the animals said – and she’s now 24!!

    I would like to get a copy for my great-niece and great-nephew but don’t seem to be able to find it in the shops; can you advise?

    Thank you

    Eileen Stokes

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