Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!

Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond came together several years ago to create the now highly popular If You Give… series of childrens books. Now, Mouse is back and he’s having a great time playing with glitter and hearts and glue and everything necessary in order to have a proper holiday. It’s Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!

Kids will get a giggle out of the antics that the title character gets into. He’s never one to sit still, oh no, he’s got things to do and people to see! That special day of hearts and love has come upon him and his family, so he means to show everyone how much loves them by making the perfect valentines. All the favorite characters of the series are here, from Pig to Moose to Fox and more. Each character gets a special valentine that celebrates what makes them unique. But maybe our little friend has made a few too many valentines…

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! is a great addition to the shelves for those who enjoy the If You Give… series. Laura Numeroff presents the story with simple sentences that kids can easily learn to read for themselves. Ideal for kids ages 4-8, they can be read to or read the story on their own while thoroughly enjoying the illustrations by Felicia Bond. Bond uses fun colors and puts the characters against plenty of white space to make them pop. Each spread has one of Mouse’s cards on one page and the corresponding character on the other. Moose is especially impressive because he’s so big and lanky and has an impressive piece of art he’s working on.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! will be a delight not only during this special holiday but also throughout the year. Any time cards need to be made for special occasions, this can be a good book to pull out for fun ideas on how to celebrate a person. You never know how the book will end when this character is involved, so kids will have fun seeing how the story progresses until the final few pages when he gets a surprise he didn’t expect.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!


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