Hanne’s Quest

Most preschool age children have been introduced to Goosie and Gertie. These two precocious, kind hearted goslings have made the rounds of the preschool world and have become loved for the simple stories that they’re in and the beautiful illustrations. The author of Goosie and Gertie, Olivier Dunrea, has made his mark in the barnyard world, and has decided to stretch his illustrative and writing abilities into childrens books that are designed for the older set.

hanne's quest

Hanne’s Quest is a much longer story than the other books that Dunrae has spun out. This story is about a young hen named Hanne. When the old lady who owns the farm finds out that the farm is going to be taken due to taxes, the hens all gather together in order to figure out what they can do to help their owner keep her farm. The oldest hen tells them a story about a journey that only Hanne can take in order to be able to produce golden eggs.

In Hanne’s Quest, Hanne leaves the henhouse and her friends in order to go through a quest so that she can help to save everyone. She has never been away from her friends before, and she endures five days of travel in order to complete her quest. A beautifully illustrated and narrated story, Hanne’s Quest talks about how endurance and perseverance can help you to accomplish anything, especially if you’re trying to save your friends and your family and are trying to do a good deed.

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