Grandpa and Bo

While Kevin Henkes is most well-known for his books featuring adorable little mice, he’s been writing books for so long that he

has plenty that go in different directions. From sweet to educational, Henkes makes

his titles entertaining all the way t

hrough to make sure that kids have a good time no matter what. His illustrations skills vary just as much, from cartoon-like and whimsical, to more serious and lifelike. Grandpa and Bo is one of the latter styles, and nonetheless enjoyable to kids.

One young boy named Bo gets to spend some quality time with his grandfather. For the entire summer, the two will be together. While Bo lives in the city, his grandfather lives far away in the country. That summer they do everything together. They play ball. They work together in grandpa’s garden. They cook dinner and eat outside in the sunshine. They catch fish and give them names before throwing them back into the lake. They sit together under a fit tree, happy and content in each other’s company. It is a wonderful time and a fantastic summer of fun things.

On the last night that he will be with his grandfather before going home, the two of them sit out under the stars and wait for a shooting start to come by so they can make a wish. Luckily for them, they see one, and both make a wish. No one knows what their wish was, but readers are likely to figure it out.

Grandpa and Bo is a simple tale of a boy and his grandfather, a sweet story that kids will have a good time reading and others may be able to relate to. Henkes keeps the illustrations simple with line drawings on blank backgrounds, but that easily convey the feeling the book contains. A sense of peace and

happiness rests within the pages. While some picture books are bright and flashy, Henkes uses basic ideas to bring kids a cute tale they’ll remember for a long time. Meant for ages 5 and up, this is one of Henkes’s first books for kids.

Grandpa and Bo

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