It’s not very often when you find childrens books that are beloved by children from the instant that they’re read, and even rarer when you find a children’s author who is able to capture lightening in the bottle more than once. Olivier Dunrea, however, was able to do just that with his series about little goslings and their life, and the entire story started with a little gosling named Gossie.

Gossie is a little gosling who absolutely adores her bright red boots. She spends her time stomping around in her boots and enjoying herself. On day, however, she realizes that she can’t find her bright red boots anymore no matter where she looks for them. She searches high and low for the boots and can’t seem to find them. Eventually, however, she finds out that she can’t find her boots because they’re walking – on someone else’s feet! A little gosling named Gertie has got her boots on her feet and is stomping around and enjoying herself.

Gossie wants her boots back, but she realizes that Gertie is having as much fun as she has with her boots, so she decides to let Gertie wear one boot to stomp around in while she wears the other! This book, and the rest of the series, help children to learn how to be good friends, all the while giving them a wonderful story to giggle about. Parents will enjoy the simple, yet beautifully brightly colored pages and will appreciate the story as much as their children will.

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