Going to the Dentist

New experiences are a big deal for kids. Sometimes they’re fun, but other times they can be scary. Finding ways to communicate what to expect can help relieve anxiety and stress for your little one. Your child’s first trip to the dentist is one of those times.

Since most adults don’t like going to the dentist, that fear rubs off on our kids. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you can make them feel comfortable from the beginning, you’ll avoid many tantrums and fights down the road. Making them excited about the trip will change their perspective and make it something to look forward to.

Going to the Dentist can help. It’s an illustrated account of what to expect when you go to the dentist for the first time. It explains the different instruments and tools that the dentist will use. It’s a great way to prepare your child before their first visit.

Picture books go a long way to explain things to small children. They may not always understand your words, but pictures help them visualize a situation and ask questions. The dentist’s office will seem far less scary once they’ve seen what’s there and have experienced it through pictures and a story.

Anne Civardi has created another book in her series of first experiences. She does a great job of showing young children what to expect from the various appointments and experiences that they’re bound to have. Adding to the comfort of the book are the humorous illustrations of Stephen Cartwright. He draws the scenes in a way that takes the fear out and makes it look fun. The combination of these two make Going to the Dentist a must-have book for your preschooler.

Consider giving this book to a preschool teacher who can share it with his or her class. Since many of the children will be in the same situation, a group discussion will help ease their minds and get all their questions answered. Knowing that they’re not alone will also help.

This is a great book for anyone who wants to make their child feel comfortable at the dentist.

Going to the Dentist

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