Gingerbread Friends

The unique style of Jan Brett brings one of the most charming picture books that will be a delight to children of all ages. Gingerbread Friends is about a little gingerbread baby that wants to have friends. When he goes looking for friends, he runs into a lot of unexpected trouble and adventure.

When Mattie, the boy who made the gingerbread baby, goes out, he gets lonely. He decides to go look for some other friends who are like him. He finds a bakery, but something is not right in there. The cookies all just look straight in front of them, not uttering a sound. Then, he ends up being chased by a bunch of animals that want to eat him. Among the hungry animals is a mouse, a dog, and a fox, all who decide to chase him as he runs home. No Gingerbread Friends  were found for him at the bakery. When he gets home, though, Mattie has a wonderful thing waiting for the gingerbread baby. Now, he won’t be without friends any longer.

With detail to every little piece of the illustrations, Jan Brett has a way of bringing picture books to life, in a way that no other author does. With the authentic Swiss countryside illustrations and great attention to detail, this is one of the picture books that you and your children will keep coming back to. This book is truly a feast for the eyes and a story for the soul; the Gingerbread Friend is a timeless classic.

gingerbread friends

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