Ginger and Petunia

Wackiness can occasionally ensue in some of Patricia Polacco’s more endearing childrens books. A changeup from her usual style of cultures meshing together and people with differences being accepted by all, Polacco brings imaginary goodness to the forefront with hilarious capers and silly characters that will have kids in stitches as they read along and look at the illustrations.

Ginger and Petunia live together. Ginger, though her full name is Virginia Vincent Folsum, is a social butterfly with extravagant outfits and who is a very skilled pianist. She teaches others how to play and her motto is “You are what you wear.” Everyone loves her, but none more so than her beloved pet piggy, Petunia. Ginger has even made a lovely mud hole out back for her pet pig, where she can roll around in the squishy goodness as though it were a spa.

One day Ginger has to go away in order to perform her piano skills and London. But when the person she asks to watch Petunia never shows up, the smart pig takes it upon herself to become her owner! By wearing her clothes and teaching piano lessons, no one is able to tell the difference, despite all the wacky situations that she gets herself into. Every time readers think something may go wrong, it works out in the adorable pig’s favor. A knocked over statue is revealed as a fake. Chocolate mousse becomes a mudhole for everyone. But with so much happening, what will Ginger think when she returns?

Kids ages 4 and up will have a great time with Ginger and Petunia, laughing when the pig gets into all sorts of silly situations and the ways that people follow suit instead of figuring out the real truth behind the well-dressed piggy. With her famous illustrations, Polacco delivers a fun story full of bright artwork with plenty of detail. Kids will love the adorable way Ginger smooches her favorite pig on the nose, and how Petunia wallows with abandon in mud (and mousse!). Ginger and Petunia has great potential to become one of those well-worn, well-loved books.

Ginger and Petunia

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