If you are looking for old fashioned, same as all the others, nothing out of the ordinary, picture books, then this one definitely isn’t for you. Gallop! is a Scanimation Picture Book by Rufus Butler Seder. With some newer technology that is basically made up of placing layers of paper in positions to simulate movement, a new breed of picture books has been created.

Each page holds something special from a galloping horse, to a rooster who struts, all with this wonderful new way of making you think that the animals are really moving. An illusion of sorts, but more fun to look at and try to figure out than your normal, boring, run of the mill, illustrations are. Gallop! offers a visual playground, complete with movement, the mystery behind the seeming movement, and the amazing way you will keep being drawn back to look at this book again and again. Though Gallop! was written with children ages four to eight in mind, it is also something that children’s book collectors, anyone interested in illusion or magic, and anyone who is into technological type things would be interested in owning.

This book will bring the reader and the non-reader many hours of entertainment, laughter, and amazement time and time again as you continue to pick it up and take another look. Inside you will see a horse, a rooster, a turtle, a cat, a dog, an eagle, and even a shining star, all in motion with the simple turning of the page.

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