For the Love of Autumn

Kittens are lovable, adorable, and downright cuddly and fuzzy! But For the

Love of Autumn isn’t just a story about a kitten. Trust Patricia Polacco to take a little thing like a kitten and transform it into a larger story the ends in true love! The lovely illustrations as well as the cute story will have kids entranced the entire way through, and delighting them at the end.

Danielle is a student teacher who has a new job in Port Townsend, Washington. She loves where she lives, loves her little garden, and her quaint seaside cottage. She loves her new job, her students are great, and she dotes on Autumn, a stray kitten she adopted. Things are going great for Danielle, until one day Autumn turns up missing. Worried about her kitten, Danielle searches for the little cat, and of course her students are more than willing to help look for the kitten. But after hours of searching, they just can’t find her.

Suddenly, she returns! And she’s in top-notch condition too. But then she disappears again, reappearing with a flea collar. Danielle isn’t sure what to make of this, understanding only that someone must be taking care of the kitten when she’s away. Finally, with the help of her students Danielle finds out who the mystery person is, and everyone is treated for a wonderful ending.

Patricia Polacco has been writing childrens books for years, creating over 40 different stories that appeal to the hearts of kids and adults alike, with a multitude of themes and ideas, from complex cultural mixes to simple concepts like friendship. For the Love of Autumn uses a little cat to treat readers to an interesting mystery and an enjoyable time. There’s plenty of text to be had, which makes it a versatile book for kids ages 6 and up; they can

be read to or learn to read it themselves. Polacco’s illustrations are a mix of pencil and markers, bright and fun the whole way through, from the kitten’s innocent look to the storm around the town. For the Love of Autumn is a great read all around.

For the Love of Autumn

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