Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl

For years Fly Guy has been having adventures, misadventures, and all sorts of escapades, but now, for the first time, he finds that he isn’t the only one who loves to fly and have a good time. It may very well be that he’s met his match! Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl!

While out and about one day, the famous insect met someone just like him. A girl fly. She flies as well as him, eat disgusting things just like him, and her girl’s name is Lizzzzz, which matches quite nicely to his boy’s name, Buzzzzzz. Everything about her is great and he finds himself head over heels. With their love at first sight, does that mean they’ll get married and live happily ever after? And if they do, what will Buzz do without his best pal? It would be a lonely time without that crazy insect!

With many childrens books under his belt, Tedd Arnold brings yet another title to the ranks of kids who love the Fly Guy character. Arnold both illustrates as well as comes up with the stories for his high-flying pal. The illustrations are fun and have a cartoonish feel to them that kids will enjoy. The flies have oversized eyes, little wings, and eat all kinds of yucky foods that kids will make delightedly grossed out faces to. Seeing a favorite character find a good friend is always fun, and it will leave kids wondering how it will all play out in the end and whether or not Buzz will be on his own as Fly Guy goes off with his new girl.

Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl is for kids ages 4 to 8 and it slated for a release date of January 2010. Fans of Tedd Arnold’s hero will be on the lookout for this one. Just like other books in the series, Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl is a good book to practice reading with. Released in hardcover, it is 32 pages that will have kids interested from start to finish. It’s a great addition to any bookshelf – especially for those who already love the rest of the series!

Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl

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