Fanny & Annabelle

For over 30 years, Holly Hobbie has had a strong career as an artist and has illustrated numerous things, many of which have been various books just for kids. Many kids are already wildly familiar with her two adorable piggies, Toot & Puddle. Now, she’s brought forth a new children’s book to follow her first title that carries the name of Fanny.

This new story focuses on Fanny & Annabelle (which is exactly where book gets its title). Annabelle started out in the first book as Fanny’s doll, a creation by the main character, all by herself. She’s on a new mission now, taking that same can-do attitude with her (as well as Annabelle), and seeking to write her very own picture book. She plans on giving this book to a loved one for their birthday, certain that it will be the best gift ever.

A truly enjoyable tale, Holly Hobbie takes two stories and meshes them into one. Readers not only get to see Fanny doing the creative work of coming up with a story, but readers also get to take a look at the story itself. Both kids and adults will soon see that both stories eventually turn out quite the same. It’s 40 pages of imaginative fun that will show children the joy of using their own creative abilities, perhaps even sparking some inspiration.

Readers will also enjoy Holly Hobbie’s one of a kind illustrations. Not only are they skillful and adorable, but there are two distinct differences when viewing Fanny’s story and when viewing the story she creates with Annabelle. The former is more realistic, with strong colors and clear lines, from the light in Fanny’s eyes to the way her hair falls. The latter is more whimsical and a little more childish to mirror Fanny’s drawing skills.

Children ages 4-8 may decide to write their own picture book after reading this. Newcomers to Holly Hobbie’s books as well as current fans will delight in the story. It is great for reading any time or just before bed, in the hopes that it might inspire a few sweet dreams.

Fanny & Annabelle

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