Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart

Valentine’s Day is a day of hearts and sparkles, ribbons and candies, red and pink, and everything else that could possible be considered extravagant. After all, everyone’s favorite little girl can’t have a dull Valentine’s Day, now can she? Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart is Nancy’s chance to indulge in the fun that is Valentine’s Day and all the pretty things it has to offer. Because if there’s one person that knows how to make a day special, it’s her!

It’s a great Valentine’s Day so far, complete with hearts and crowns and all sorts of good things. But then to her surprise, our title character receives a mysterious valentine from someone. Who could it be? There’s no name on the card. So what else is there to do? Find out of course! This girl and her favorite four-legged friend head out on a Valentine’s Day adventure, following clues and hot on the trail of the person who sent her the valentine. If anyone can get to the bottom of it, it’s this character – and she does it in style!

A children’s book that will greatly appeal to young girls who love pretty things, Jane O’Connor’s creation has had a great ride of popularity as kids enjoy the adventures that Nancy gets herself into, all while being cute and pretty in doing so. O’Connor is no stranger to kids books, as she has also created the Nina, Nina Ballerina series. Girls everywhere age 4 to 8 enjoy the style and all the things Nancy has to offer.

Making sure that she stays fancy are illustrators Carolyn Bracken and Robin Preiss Glasser. They give life to the story and add in plenty of amazing details that really make this book what it needs to be – fancy! The colors are always vibrant, the title character has rosie cheeks and striking hair, while her dog is happy, fuzzy, and often covered in fancy things.

Adding to the fun of the story are the stickers that the book comes with. Fun and sparkling, kids will love sticking them to some of their favorite things. What better way to make them elegant just like Nancy?

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