Everyone Says I Love You

There are some concepts that are universal throughout the world. Love is one of them. Teaching kids about the world and about different people and cultures is an important part of building their social consciences. Everyone Says I Love You is a book that will do all of those things. It’s a look at how people around the world say “I love you.” This book is a delightful pop-up story that takes a tour around the world, teaching the reader about people’s customs while displaying famous landmarks and symbols of different nations. From the Statue of Liberty to a gondola in Italy, each page shows something unique to the country while sharing how people there express their love. It will show kids the wonders of the world. Seeing the sites of different countries will ignite their interest in travel and culture.

Teaching young kids about the way people live in other countries can be challenging. The world seems so large and unknown to them. Preschoolers have a hard time understanding that there’s a world beyond their own. Showing them that there are similarities and characteristics that we all share will help them feel connected to people around the world. Sharing something about what makes a country unique will help pique their curiosity and get them interested in learning more.

Everyone Says I Love You is beautifully illustrated by Beegee Tolpa. Tolpa has illustrated many educational childrens books. They are drawn in a way that encourages learning and beckons the reader to find out more.

We live in an ever shrinking world where it’s important to understand other cultures and people. By highlighting our similarities, we help diminish our differences. Everyone Says I Love You teaches that concept in a positive, uplifting way. Preschoolers will love to share what happens in other countries with peers and parents. It will help them feel worldly and smart to have a better understanding of what makes different countries special.

This book would make a great gift for a preschool teacher or any young child. Adding it to your home library will add some diversity and culture to your collection.

Everyone Says I Love You

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