Duck and Goose

Stories of friendship are dear to everyone, especially when the friendship begins quite by accident. Duck and Goose are both out on a quest to protect an egg they found, only each one insists that he is protecting it and caring for it and that the other one not do so. They argue, and insist, over and over again, all while sitting on the egg to keep it warm and make sure it’s safe. They are funny, goofy, and silly to the point of making anyone who reads this charming tale laugh out loud. The antics they display, and seeing them sitting on top of the polka-dot egg, will both delight and inspire the reader to read more.

As you join the story of Duck and Goose with your children, you may be surprised. They are fighting over an egg, yes. But it turns out that the egg that both of them are so determined to protect and take care of, is really a toy ball. Rather than leave it, and leave each other, they have formed a bond over the egg that has turned into friendship. They decide to share the ball, and play with it together, and are now forever friends. Their friendship, though somewhat forced at first over the idea of both taking care of the egg, has become one that is strong and solid.

Duck and Goose is one of those colorful, whimsical picture books that is just as fun to look at as it is to read. The illustrations are very well done, full of color and style, and the characters are displayed with charm. The pictures are vivid, making it a delight of the senses to share. The story line is very well done, and something that will be fun for any age children and adults. The story was written for ages four to eight, but no matter how old or young the reader, it will be a much loved story. Written and illustrated by Tad Hills, this is one story that is funny, charming, and something wonderful to share with children of all ages.

Duck and Goose

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