Dragon’s Fat Cat

You know you’re a great author when just one of your books sells hundreds of thousands of copies. You can look at the success as a one-time fluke, but Dav Pilkey shouldn’t. Each of the children’s books he’s written over the years has sold hundreds of thousands of copies, making him a best-selling author and illustrator. Most kids have read several of his series of books, such as the enormously popular stories about Captain Underpants and Big Dog and Little Dog. He continues his style and wit with another story about a blue dragon.

In Dragon’s Fat Cat, the endearing dragon rescues a stray cat in the snow outside his house and brings it home. The charming blue reptile learns how to take care of the feline, though not without some silly mishaps. This lovable main character didn’t know anything about cats or the smelly puddles they can leave before he took this one in. Boy, is the dragon in for a big surprise when that stray cat has a litter of kittens! Readers will follow the dragon through the ups and downs and the range of emotions that comes with every mistake he makes in trying to learn about caring for kittens. Like previous stories in the series, the main character’s kind heart is rewarded in the end.

Dragon’s Fat Cat is the fourth book in the series, and it features Pilkey’s traditional understated narrative that is enhanced by his heavily defined, cheerful artwork. The author/illustrator uses vibrant watercolors and pencils to create the simple cartoons that boost the story’s humor.

Your kids don’t have to love dragons in order to love this dragon. There is humor in Dragon’s Fat Cat whether you like dogs, cats, or blue reptiles. Although this book is intended for children ages four through eight, Dav Pilkey may find he has fans that are a little bit older. Parents will also find the storyline funny and may laugh out loud while reading it to their children before tucking them in at night. Like his other books, Dav Pilkey’s blue dragon has become a family favorite.

Dragon’s Fat Cat

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