Dogs Don’t Wear Sneakers

Children love the silly and deplore the mundane. That’s why some of the most popular picture books in the history of children’s literature are stories that are extremely silly. Authors know that children enjoy silliness and that they can not only laugh with it, but they can learn with it as well. And one author does silliness better than many other authors out there. This author as actually made a living out of creating silly and fun stories for children to enjoy. That author is Laura Numeroff.

Laura Numeroff is perhaps best known for her “If You Give A…” collection of books, but there are a number of other tales that this author has written, all of which carry her silly sense of humor with them. This story is one that is very similar to her other books, with the humor, and yet is an entirely different tale.

With Dogs Don’t Wear Sneakers, Numeroff shows the pre-k set a bunch of unlikely scenarios. For instance the fact that a moose doesn’t go bowling, and that fish don’t eat bagels. That frogs don’t catch cabs on a date and that breas don’t have bathtubs when they’re in their cave! But not only does Numeroff’s silly story make children giggle, so too does Joe Mathieu’s illustrations. These illustrations truly embody all of the words that Numeroff puts on the page, and keeps children in stitches as read along with the tale.

Dogs Don’t Wear Sneakers is the perfect type of book to read right before bed, when you’re trying to get your child in a good mood and to bed with a minimum of fuss, as this is one story that will have them dreaming very strange dreams! It can, however, be read during

any time of the day that you wish to read it to your child, and is a good first read book for older children. It’s also a good way to teach younger children about what is real and what is imaginary in a fun way that is age appropriate. Do dogs wear sneakers? Definitely not – although in this tale, almost anything seems possible.

Dogs Don’t Wear Sneakers


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