Dog Needs a Bone

Audrey Wood has an eye for the cute, cuddly, and endearing. Her picture books vary widely in their subject matter, but each and every one of them is perfect for kids who just want to have a good time. Her illustrations can be anywhere from loose and silly to expertly drawn and detailed. On occasions she works with other artists, from family members to other well-known authors of kids’ books, but here she takes a different approach.

When a Dog Needs a Bone, he is willing to promise just about anything. He won’t wander away anymore. He will help with the chores. He will try to avoid any bad behavior. And doggy makes good on all his promises, though it isn’t always easy. There are few things to tempt him, and he isn’t exactly the best at housework, as occasionally he makes a few messes while trying to be useful. A bone is all that this doggy wants, and will wait as long as it takes to get it.

This is a delightful story that will have kids giggling as they watch the dog get into a bit of trouble here and there, sneaking into his owner’s bed while she is away and playing in her scarf that she left on the floor. But throughout it all, he just wants a bone, and readers will want him to get it. In the end, he does indeed get a bone to chew on and enjoys it thoroughly.

Wood’s illustrations take on a unique style this time. She takes crayons to paper bags, so the colors have a slightly muted

look while the background is often brown. It creates a warm, homey look. Kids will also be able to spot a bit of irony as in many pictures bones are present, such as on the bed quilt. The dog has adorable doe eyes and a cute heart-shaped nose. Dog Needs a Bone is the sort of book that will have kids hugging their own pets and slipping them some treats or asking if their dog would enjoy a tasty bone.

Dog Needs a Bone

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