Dinosaur Hunt

There are many early reader picture books available to read that are boring for both children and adults. When you’re helping children learn to read, it’s important to get a story that will draw them in and that you’ll both be excited to read. The tale of Max Spaniel is just such a tale! This story centers on a canine who has decided that he simply must hunt down a dinosaur, and his adventure takes him all throughout the wilds of his own backyard, where he’s convinced that dinosaur bones are buried.

Max is a great hunter, but his ultimate prize, a dinosaur, is something that is difficult for any experienced adventurer to find. Still, Max swears that he will be able to find a dinosaur and goes on an adventure in his backyard to hunt down his prize. In Dinosaur Hunt, however, the “bones” that Max finds aren’t necessarily dinosaur bones, but things that you’d find around many backyards, including a gardening hose and a rake! To Max, these items are not play toys or gardening tools, they’re dinosaur bones! And piece by piece this bloodhound starts putting together a dinosaur that will “strike fear into the hearts of any trespassers!”

Dinosaur Hunt was designed to be an easy-to-read book for young children, with simple words and phrases, such as “I spy an eye” and “I see a rib” to make it easy for young children to explore their independence by reading the story on their own. It is, however, such a fun illustrated tale to read that even younger children will love having the story read to them. Each page is filled with colorful illustrations of Max and of all of the items that he finds on his dinosaur adventure, keeping children’s eyes fixed on the pages and not wandering around the room.

The story of Max in Dinosaur Hunt not only helps children learn to read, it helps them to see that almost anything can be something other than what it is, as long as you look around and use your imagination.

Dinosaur Hunt

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