David’s Father

David’s Father is beautiful story about Julie who was joyfully skipping home from school one day. She encounters a moving van. But this is no ordinary moving van. One mover comes out carrying a fork, a spoon and a knife. That wouldn’t sound strange, except the items were life size! Julie decides she would not like to

meet the family who live in that house.

But the next day, David, the boy who has just moved in, invites Julie to play. He seems like a fine enough play mate until…Julie remembers the enormous cutlery. But when David invites her in for cheeseburgers and milkshakes, she can’t resist. All is well, until David’s father arrives at the kitchen door. He is a towering giant! On his plate are twenty-six snails, three fried octopuses, and sixteen bricks covered in chocolate sauce. Julie is terrified as she watches the gigantic man eat his dinner. But when she asks him for another milkshake, he happily makes her one.

When Julie notices that David looks nothing like his father, she begins to question him. David tells her that he is adopted. David says he really likes his dad and Julie agrees that he seemed to be nice enough. This book offers several lessons including how one shouldn’t judge another before getting to know them. As well, that adoption can be a good and acceptable fact of life.

Later, Julie and David walk down the street and encounter a bunch of tough eighth graders who aim to bully them. All seems lost until David’s dad shows up behind them. The giant saves the day and all is well once again. Just because someone may be different, the book shows its readers, doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing. In some cases, it can be a very good thing. In this story, because David’s father is larger than life, the bullies encountered by the children are discouraged from being mean to the kids.

The pictures in this children’s book are very amusing and will entertain readers young and old. The premise is an absurd one, and it’s just what children love.

David’s Father


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