Come to the Fairies’ Ball

Jane Yolen isn’t restricted only to telling tales about dinosaurs going to school and playing with dogs. With illustrator Gary Lippincott giving this tale life and color, Yolen shows that she is an author of picture books with many talents that extend far beyond the realm of dinosaurs and into the world of fairies.

Come to the Fairies’ Ball is a beautifully illustrated book that is full of fancy and magic. The fairies of the forest have a royal court, and one day the court decides to hold a ball. All the fairies in the forest are invited, but of course, they all want to look their best, which creates a bit of a fuss in the woods. They flit about, seeking their gowns and boots, crowns and jewels.

However, one fairy sits alone out of the hubbub. She would love to go to the ball, but her dress is too old and tattered and she doesn’t wish to go out in such a sad-looking dress. But the ants of the forest talk with her and they tell her to try and create a new dress that she can be proud to go in. Bolstered by the ants’ help, she does and when she arrives at the court, the Prince finds her enchanting and spends the evening dancing with her. So what happens next year? A Fairies’ Wedding Ball of course!

Come to the Fairies’ Ball has a faint Cinderella-like ring to it, but readers will still be enchanted by the rhyming verse that Yolen presents, and even more so by Lippincott’s amazing illustrations. The forest is full of vibrant colors in the form of flowers, mushrooms, and trees. Fairies have dainty little pointed ears and some have gorgeous rainbow wings while others flit around on dragonfly-like wings. It’s a true fantasy land that kids will spend a long time looking at, absorbing all the amazing details and colors.

For ages 6-10, it may appeal mostly to girls for both the pictures and the storyline. Either way, Come to the Fairies’ Ball can be a great gift or holiday present for any who love the realm of fantasy.

Come to the Fairies’ Ball


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