Click, Clack, 123

From the creators of Click, Clack, Moo, comes a book that even younger children can enjoy. Click, Clack, 123 by Doreen Cronin and illustrated by Besty Lewin is a book aimed at infants and preschoolers with the goal of teaching them how to count with the help of a few barnyard friends.

Each page has a number associated with a figure or several figures, giving children the chance to read as well as the chance to count all the things they see on the page. It starts with just one farmer sleeping and then goes all the way up to 10 fish who are “ready to go.” But because Doreen Cronin and Besty Lewin are at the helm of this story, you can bet that those farm animals aren’t going to just be sitting still! They’re always ready to have a good time and can be seen bouncing, strutting, and goofing off all over every page.

Lewin’s illustrations and Cronin’s always come together to make reading tons of fun. Cronin uses smart text to encourage readers and give them plenty of fun as opposed to just basic counting text. Lewin spices things up with her barnyard pals so kids can expect to see pigs, fish, cows, and much more, all of them having a great time on the farm with more than one giggle-worthy picture.

It is a 6×6 board book that makes for easy holding in little hands as children recite the words – with or without the help of parents or teachers – and learn to count all the different things in the book. Teachers will enjoy having this children’s book for their young students and parents can use it as a tool to teach children counting skills as well as reading skills. Even younger kids can learn a few other things such as the colors used on the pages and the types of animals that pop up to help them count.

It’s a great addition to a young child’s collection if they have other books by Cronin and Lewin and a part of a series of books set to help kids learn. It has been slated for a release of January 2010.

Click, Clack, 123

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