Circle Dogs

Kevin Henkes has some unusual ideas for books at times. While most know him for his characters such as Lilly and Julius mouse, others looking for something interesting for their kids might find books such as this one. Both able to teach and entertain, youngsters will have a fine time looking at

the pictures and laughing at the funny ideas Henkes presents. Joining him on this particular venture is Dan Yaccarino, taking over the illustrations which are usually drawn by Henkes.

Circle Dogs live in a square house and sleep in square rooms. So many different shapes and things to see! Everyone seems to call them different things too. Mama calls them pooches. Papa calls them hounds. The mother, father, young girl and baby boy all live at the same house as the dogs. The story follows everyone through the course of the day, from breakfast to playtime, naptime to dinnertime. It is a simple tale for kids to giggle over and point at.

Many books for kids that focus on learning shapes can be straightforward and without much of a story. Henkes changes that with an innovative idea and uses Yaccarino’s fun style to show it. This children’s book combines

shapes, sounds, and words together for kids to get a great sensory experience (all it’s missing is touch!). When the dogs come running, their tags go “clink-clank.” Dogs bark, the doorbell rings, and the dogs are always there to see what is going on. Kids love animals, and will delight in seeing these dachshund-like pups bound around until the end of the day when they curl up once again for a good night’s sleep.

Henkes uses a simple format for the text, using rhymes, short sentences, and repetition to get ideas across to children with plenty of room for fun. Yaccarino’s style compliments Henkes’s text, with geometric shapes in solid colors that are easy

on youngster’s eyes. Infants and preschoolers will have a good time with this short and sweet book with its unique take on learning shapes. Parents should be ready to read it again and again though.

Circle Dogs


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