Chrysanthemum Big Book

Kevin Henkes has many beloved childrens books, but some may argue that none are more famous than the one that features one special little mouse with a beautiful (and long!) name. Henkes is not only a master storyteller, but also a master illustrator, bringing joyous colors and can i order viagra online drawings to children for ages.

The Chrysanthemum Big Book is not just the original story – it is the original story super sized! One small mouse has a big name. Chrysanthemum. She loves her viagra oral name. It is a beautiful name, and it is the same as her grandmother’s. She’s very proud of it, and her parents also believe her name is lovely. But when she has to go to kindergarten for the first time, the kids at school do not think so. In fact, they think she is just named after a flower, and her name is not special at all. The little mouse heroine is crushed, because she believes them. Why couldn’t she be named something else, like the other kids? Like Sue or something else nice and short? Why does she have to generic viagra have such a long name?

But when a popular music teacher named Delphinium comes into her life, things change. Delphinium is going to have a baby, and she isn’t going to name her baby with any short name. In fact, she plans on giving her baby the most beautiful name she’s heard – Chrysanthemum! When the other kids hear about that, they realize that there’s nothing wrong with the name, and everyone’s favorite mouse is happy to hear that her name is special after all.

The Chrysanthemum Big Book is a great big version of Kevin Henkes tiny tale. Combined online viagra with Henkes’s popular pen, ink, and watercolor illustrations that beautifully showcase everyone’s favorite mouse, her pretty pink dress, and the flower of her namesake, it’s a memorable story that makes for a great read aloud within classrooms, libraries, and at home with parents. cialis low platelets The Chrysanthemum Big Book is certain to become a favorite, and even more so since its large size makes it even more fun to read!

Chrysanthemum Big Book

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