Christmas Tapestry

Patricia Polacco has a knack for writing heartwarming books that bring people together from different places, creeds, and colors. Often taking true stories and weaving them into something special that kids can enjoy, Polacco makes something that both adults and kids can relate to. In this children’s book, she brings the holiday spirit forward to create a wonderful tale that children will love to read each and every winter year.

Christmas Tapestry tells the story of Jonathan Jefferson Weeks, whose father’s church has a bad leak that damages a wall. They aren’t sure how to fix it, so when they start looking around for ideas, they discover a gorgeous tapestry in a secondhand shop. They hang it in the church, but to their surprise, it means something much more. When an old Jewish woman visits the church, she recognizes the tapestry. What follows then becomes a Christmas miracle of two people who have been separated since the Holocaust of World War II. And all it took was a hole in the wall, a tapestry, and a cup of hot cocoa.

Patricia Polacco brings about hope and miracles with her holiday story. Not only is it a story filled with happiness, love, and surprises, but also Polacco’s beautiful illustrations, which feature bright colors in the forms of scarves and swirling snowflakes, and of course the tapestry itself. Fans of Polacco’s work from other books will quickly be drawn into this story and its illustrations, done in the same fashion and showing plenty of emotion on each page.

At 48 pages, it’s a great story to read to kids on cold winter nights, or for them to try reading themselves. With such a happy ending, it will be hard for them not to enjoy it and see how special the bond between two people can be. Teaching a little bit of history as well as giving kids a taste of Christmas miracles, this book will quickly become a seasonal favorite. Meant for ages 5 to 8, it’s hard to ignore a story about hope and love, and will become a book that the entire family can appreciate.

Christmas Tapestry

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