Carl’s Snowy Afternoon

A lot of kids know who Carl is; he’s a big dog with a big heart. On the outside he can seem a little intimidating, but he’s a big sweetheart who loves his family and enjoys exploring. Carl’s Snowy Afternoon gives fans of the books a chance to see him outside and having a romping good time.

Madeline’s parents head off to a party, leaving the babysitter to look after Carl and baby Madeline. But there’s so much snow on the ground outside; it would be a shame to waste it. So the kids take it upon themselves to head on out to play. After bundling up against the cold, the two sneak out and have all sorts of fun. They build a snowman together, go sledding, and slide around on an icy pond for a delightful time. Finally, it’s time to head back before Madeline’s parents get home, and the title character sneaks her back in safe and sound without anyone ever knowing what a great day they had.

Carl’s Snowy Afternoon features the ever-popular Rottweiler, whose good nature and penchant for fun times will wrap kids in giggles and smiles. Alexandra Day both writes and illustrates these children’s books, using only a minimal amount of text to get the story off the ground, and mostly relying on her skillful illustrations to tell the story. Her paintings do a marvelous job of telling readers everything they need to know. Each picture is very realistic, full of life and color and painting Carl just as he really is, from his stubby tail to his powerful Rottweiler muscles.

Carl’s Snowy Afternoon is one of a staggering eleven books in the series, so fans will be delighted to add yet another gem to their collection, while those just starting out won’t be disappointed. Intended for kids ages 4 to 8, both boys and girls (and parents) will have a great time reading and examining the illustrations, watching as Carl kicks up snow and Madeline laughs with glee. It’s a heartwarming wintertime story for all, and may even inspire kids to go have their own snow day outside with their favorite pet.

Carl’s Snowy Afternoon

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