Bunny my Honey

Children love books about bunnies. Their soft, cute faces and long ears endear them to young children. Rabbits are the frequent subject of stories for kids. In one particular story, Bunny is a playful young rabbit that enjoys playing with his duck and mouse friends. They play games and run around. Mother keeps a close eye on him and is a reassuring voice of love.

One day, the little guy runs out a little too far into the fields and gets lost. The more he searches for his mother and friends, the more lost he becomes. He gets scared and begins to call for his mother. Eventually he is found, and Mother reassures him of her love and safety.

Bunny my Honey, tells a familiar story of love and acceptance. Bunny learns that, even when he was lost, his mother was there for him. She wouldn’t leave him and would ensure his safe return. It’s a children’s book with an important message. Children all want to feel safe. This book teaches them that mothers don’t leave their children and that they are there for them when there is trouble or danger.

Anita Jeram is the author and illustrator of this sweet book. She is the well-known, award-winning illustrator of Guess How Much I Love You. Those familiar with that book will see the similarities in the way this book is drawn. The colors are soft and endearing.

This choice reminds children how much they need their parents. It teaches the lesson with love and acceptance. The relationship between mother and child is described with caring and fun. It shows kids how much they mean to their mothers and how important it is to stay safe. It will help them remember the rules and why it’s important to follow them.

Anyone who enjoys a heartwarming tale of a mother’s love and devotion will enjoy this book. If you’re familiar with Jaram’s other works, this story will seem similar. It’s a great book for very young children. The pictures and concepts are easy to understand, and the cute characters will draw them in.

Bunny my Honey

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