Brand-New Baby Blues

When you’re the only child in a family that’s about to have a new baby, you may feel like your life is over. That’s what’s happened to our girl in Brand-New Baby Blues. She’s used to being the only kid and getting all the attention, but now she has a new baby brother and isn’t happy with all the changes. Not only is he getting all the attention, but he’s wearing her old pajamas and sleeping in her old crib. Oh, the injustice! What’s a girl to do?

The solution in Brand-New Baby Blues is to sing a rhyme that expresses her tale of woe. It’s done in a way that really gets to the bottom of her feelings and speaks for many kids who are going through the same thing. Even if an older child is excited to have a sibling, there’s always a certain level of fear and anxiety that goes along with it. Change is scary for kids. Watching their whole life turn upside down is stressful. Making a little fun out of the situation can make it easier.

The high drama of Brand-New Baby Blues will help put the feelings into perspective for your little one. Meant for children ages 3-6, this book can be an aid to help prepare for a new baby. The over-the-top emotions can serve to lighten the fears for your child. It will also help open the dialog and allow them to express their concerns about the new baby.

Childrens books are a great way to help young ones with life’s transitions and milestones. Small kids don’t always have the communication skills to express how they feel, so reading books can help put their emotions into words. The pictures can help where the text is beyond their comprehension.

Kathi Appelt is the author of this and other books for kids. She uses her talent to help kids get through transitions with compelling prose. The illustrations by Kelly Murphy help bring the drama back down to reality. They are more succinct and sterile than the text. The combination makes for a well created story.

Brand-New Baby Blues


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